mbnqu  is an architecture and art practice. The compositions vary in a wide range. From content-based architectural projects to self initiated architectural and artistic productions and research.

The final outcomes are enclosed within two different areas. In first hand projects based upon the external commissions for spatial creations and treatments. In this field the studio expertise and experience fulfills : interior design and execution, architectural conception in different phases.

In the second field mbnqu raises self-initiated architectural proposals and curate/compose and construct productions in various mediums. The studio extensively uses research in its working procedure for the finest responses for the criteria.

Parallel to this, the mbnqu is also widely active in the design of the educational content for architectural training, in theory and in practice, in universities and private educational institutions.

mbnqu was Founded late on 2012 by Mobasher Niqui.

Past Colleagues:

Mojtaba Sabet Fard (2013 ) – Ali Qadyani (2015) – Samin QadirZadeh (2015)