Writings Authorship Appeared    Link
Portrait of the Architect of Discipline MN Camera Lucida: The wandering Film Festival 05 2018 FA
A Building and an Image : The Takiyeh Dowlat MN , G. Abbasi  San Rocco Magazine – Milan 05 2017 EN
The Walls of Kindness MN Hacking Urban Furniture Conference – Berlin 03 2017 EN
Mosha mosha Hamshahri Memari  -Tehran 06 2015 FA
Mosha project Booklet mosha Booklet – Tehran 12 2014 FA
Rules of Form  MN Hamshahri Memari – Tehran 05 2014 FA
Responsive Systems  MN Thesis Dissertation – Lausanne 01  2012 EN




Lectures and Talks In  Desc.   Link
Public space and urban project Green Fab Lab Isfahan 19.08.13  LI
Leave me My Tempelhof Platform 28  Narrating the Shared-spaces Workshop 18.01.09  LI
Tehran in Transform Contemporary Arch. Association  Caai School of Arch. 17.06.22  LI
Aluminum Building Pars University   Studio Opening Lecture with M. Davari 17.02.04 LI
Compromise! Theran Urban Innovation Center  TUIC 16.11.16 LI
Reporting Evolver Studio Outcomes Contemporary Arch. Association   16.03.06 LI
SanRocco Magazine vol. 13 open call Ab Anbar Gallery Conv. with P. P. Tamburelli 16.02.22 LI
Interface Iranian Architecture Center Panel disc.  With A. Bahrami, M. Latifi 15.07.13 LI
Architecture and Marginal Disciplines TehranCraft Workshop   14.08.10 LI
Emergence University of Tehran   14.05.19 LI
Responsive Systems in Architecture University of Tehran Master studio Opening Lecture 13.11.08 LI
Introduction to Programming in Design Center of Excellence in Arch. Technology  CEAT 13.05.27 LI
The Hierarchies of Form AI University Central Branch   13.03.05 LI