HUF book published

Hacking Urban Furniture book has been publisuhed under the editorship of Miodrag Kuč.

With contributions by

Matthias Einhoff, KUNSTrePUBLIK, Sabine Knierbein, Joanne Pouzenc, Mary Dellenbaugh, Martin Binder, Konrad Braun, Peter Payer, Christian Hasucha, Open Berlin, Mobasher Niqui, Markus Ambach, Fred Dewey, Laura Sobral, Umschichten, Anton Valkovsky, Sonder, Raumlabor, Benoit Maubray

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Lecture @ Fanni Community Center new Building

2019  Jan 14 ( Day )  – 16:00 pm  –Fanni Community Center – Tehran

24 دى، 1397- 4 بعد از ظهر
ساختمان جدید کانون فارغ التحصیلان دانشکده فنی

Lecture at Fanni community center for the late Alumni members and Professor of University of Tehran about the procedures of design of the new Community center building. The Lecture was held in the construction site and followed by a visit of the site of the project which is course of finishing of the premiere phase.

Talk @ Platform28 in Narrating the Shared Spaces Workshop

2018  Jan 09 ( Day 19 )  – 18:00 pm  – Ab/Anbar Gallery – Tehran

ارائه عمومی در ضمیمه ورکشاپ روایت مشاعات

١٩ دى، ١٣٩٦ – ٦ بعد از ظهر
گالرى آب انبار: ميدان هفت تير، مفتح جنوبى، بور بور، خاقانى،  روشن منش، پلاك ٢

#framingthecommon#projectmosha#narratingthesharedspace #platform28

Photo : courtesy of platform28





Critical Concrete Talk in Tehran

2017  Dec 18 ( Azar 28 )  – 19:00 pm to 22:30 pm – Tehran – KAAF

Critical Concrete Talk in Tehran.

ساموئل کالیکا از بتن انتقادی در تهران صحبت می کند.ـ
سه شنبه 28 آذر ساعت 18

Samuel Kalika is the founder of Critical Concrete, a social architecture initiative that tackles the huge issue of housing poverty through hands-on educational programmes.


On Show: How to re-appropriate a Tempel, then?

2017  August 24 ( Shahrivar 02 )  – 19:00 pm to 22:30 pm – Berlin – ZK/U

“How to re-appropriate a Tempel, then?” is the name of the installation on the show  at the open house event in ZK/U .The project unveils crafted prototype of a pigeon-house-top from the up-cycled material and exhibits the procedure within.

The project is result of  a two month research period at the center.

پروتوتایپ کبوترخان


Project Part of Open House @ ZK/U

2017  July 20  ( Tir 29 ) – 19:00 to 22:30 – Berlin – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik

“Leave me my Tempelhof ” will participate in the open house event. Its research and documentation process will be presented and will be discussed with the audience in the event.

If you are in Berlin, do not hesitate to visit the monthly open house event at ZK/U. And engage in the talks about very interesting projects some finished and some in progress by the community of architects/artists/creative producers in the residence.



photo: M. Niqui



Lecture @ Caai school of Architecture

2017  June 22 ( Tir 1 ) – 19:00 pm – Contemporary Arch. Association – Tehran



Tehran in Transform

Talking about history of urbanization in Tehran, as a capital, and the lecture triggered many interesting side discussions. Among the passionate students at the Caai School of Architecture. With many thanks to Hooman Talebi and regards to the efforts beyond this new school.

excerpt >>

 با بر داشتن حصار، 80 سال پیش ( 1315 )،تهران از شهری محصور  به شهری بدون مرز تبدیل شد. پهنه ای بی دروازه . این تغییر نه در ظاهر فقط زدودن حدودِ نظم کهن  و دژ شهر که به تمامی نمایه ای از در آغوش کشیدن خصوصیات عصر جدید و رفتن به سمتِ تغییری بنیادین بود : تغییر معنایِ شهر قدیم

 در آغوش کشیدن هر آنچه غیر از تهران است با زدودن حصار ممکن می شود. آنچه شهر و شهروند نیست، را مجاور دیوار به دیوار می کند و نا آشنا را هم سایه.ـ

اگر تا پیش از آن، مفهوم شهر بر تقسیم عرصه ی یک خانه ی اجتماعی  استوار بود.  و فضای عمومی شهر عرصه ای امن تحت انضباط و در آسایش زمامداری پادشاه. چنین شهری مبدل شد به ایده ای گسترش یابنده از بنا هایی که بر اساس قواعد مجاورت و همسایگی تنظیم می شوند. یعنی همان تولید انبوه و یکسان فضاهای زیستی :  ملحق شدن به جریانی از


امروز اما ایده ی تهران از شمال تا کوه ها و از شرق و غرب تا جای ممکن می خزد و زمین ها را می بلعد. (و حد ارتفاعی شمس العماره را سالهاست که از سر گذرانده است. ) در این صحبت به خوانش چنین تغییری در  شکل و ساختار و در ارتباط با ساخت شرایط و بافت اجتماع پرداخته می شود. ـ

Exhibition Designed by mbnqstudio opens in Evin, Tehran

2017  June 16 ( Xordad 26 ) – 16:00 pm – Tehran – KAAF


An Exhibition of Video-art & Photography
Niklas Goldbach, Stephanie Kloss and Masih Mostajeran
Curator: Alireza Labeshka
Exhibition Design: mbnqstudio
9 June to 30 June 2017 (16:00 to 20:00)
Opening: Friday 9 June 2017 16:00
No. 36, Sizdahchenar Alley, Darakeh St., Shahid Beheshti University Sq., Tehran, Iran


photo: Stephanie Kloss


Publication: A Building and an Image

2017 May 09 ( Ordibehesht 19 ) – “A Building and an Image : The Takiyeh Dowlat” published in San Rocco Magazine.

The writing is about the Tehran’s monumental show hall at the time of Qajars, that has been serving as a public Takiyeh. It reads the building’s dramatic reality through a painting by Kamal-ol-Molk. The writing prepared by Golnar Abbasi and Mobasher Niqui has been appeared in the the 13th issue of the magazine called PURE BEAUTY.

Reachable here. It is also possible in this copy to access writings of Irénée Scalbert, Éric Lapierre, 2َA + P/A, Pire Paolo Tamburelli and Kersten Geers among others.

#publication #TakiyehDowlat #TehranArchitecture


Image: San Rocco

Exhibition Opening – mbnqstudio Partner in Execution

2017  April 21 ( Ordibehesht 1 ) – 16:00 – Tehran – Made for Millions, Laura Straße & Benedikt Gnadt premiere exhibition in Tehran at  KAAF
mbnqstudio to act as the local partner to carry out the Spatial Arrangement of the exhibition.

from Excrept :

“Design is defined by its context and is characterized by development and production processes. As the society and the need of the people is constantly changing, design has to adapt. Gnadt and Straßer have different approaches here: the work of Straßer usually begins with a story and anecdote from the history and tradition of porcelain production. Gnadt’s designs are based on an economic and process-oriented approach.”



Photo: mbnqstudio

This exhibition is supported by IFA/Stuttgart. Presented by KAAF. Partners: Raf Projects, DiMatti Studio and mbnqstudio.

Hacking Urban Furniture Conference

2017  March 30  ( Farvardin 12 ) –   A monograph ” walls of kindness ” appeared in the Hacking Urban Furniture Conferance an initiative of Zentrum fur Kunst Und Urbanistik  in Berlin . It is a study on the usability of the urban furniture in Tehran.
>> the article

Untreated walls in big cities in Iran has become the field of expressive action for a society that is getting used to express itself indirectly. The walls are the screens of hackings and graffitis, they has become the speaking displays for the tendencies less under attention in the formal milieu.



photo: mbnqstudio


Studio Launch / Opening Lecture


Studio Launch Flyer – Photo: mbnqstudio

2017  Feb. 04 ( Bahman 16 ) – 13:00 pm –  Happy to announce that our teaching Studio ( design studio III ) launched this week at Pars university. We will be studying shopping centers in Tehran with a group of 40 students. The studio focuses on the recent extra-ordinary boom of malls and the contemporary thurst for this trend in the city – تهران  – .Will be very happy to share the dialogue with all the experts and researchers who are interested in the Topic.

please contact us: | #Design_Studio_III  #مراکزتجاری  #TeachingProject  #Tehran  #shoppingcenters  @tehran.platform @mbnqstudio

mbnqstudio is Offering a Design Studio for Spring

2017  Jan. ( Bahman 96 ) –   mbnqstudio together with Tehran PLATFORM will be offering a design studio course for 3rd year bachelor students at Pars University. The studio will extensively study Tehran through a reseach on the contemporary shopping centers in the city.

mbnqstudio to Take part in Yazd Residential Competition


image: mbnqstudio


2016 Aug. ( Shahrivar 95 ) –  mbnqstudio Takes part in Yazd Residential Tower Competition, in preparing a joint proposal with Projehsaz consulting and contracting Engineers.
The tower is planned in the southern part of the city of Yazd located in the middle of the desert.