Publication: A Building and an Image

2017 May 09 ( Ordibehesht 19 ) – “A Building and an Image : The Takiyeh Dowlat” published in San Rocco Magazine.

The writing is about the Tehran’s monumental show hall at the time of Qajars, that has been serving as a public Takiyeh. It reads the building’s dramatic reality through a painting by Kamal-ol-Molk. The writing prepared by Golnar Abbasi and Mobasher Niqui has been appeared in the the 13th issue of the magazine called PURE BEAUTY.

Reachable here. It is also possible in this copy to access writings of Irénée Scalbert, Éric Lapierre, 2َA + P/A, Pire Paolo Tamburelli and Kersten Geers among others.

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Image: San Rocco