Exhibition Opening – mbnqstudio Partner in Execution

2017  April 21 ( Ordibehesht 1 ) – 16:00 – Tehran – Made for Millions, Laura Straße & Benedikt Gnadt premiere exhibition in Tehran at  KAAF
mbnqstudio to act as the local partner to carry out the Spatial Arrangement of the exhibition.

from Excrept :

“Design is defined by its context and is characterized by development and production processes. As the society and the need of the people is constantly changing, design has to adapt. Gnadt and Straßer have different approaches here: the work of Straßer usually begins with a story and anecdote from the history and tradition of porcelain production. Gnadt’s designs are based on an economic and process-oriented approach.”



Photo: mbnqstudio

This exhibition is supported by IFA/Stuttgart. Presented by KAAF. Partners: Raf Projects, DiMatti Studio and mbnqstudio.