• Villa Khurvin

    • Location: Khurvin | Alborz
    • Area: 1545 sq m | Footprint: 111 sq m
    • Client: Hoseini Kamal Family
    • Architect : mbnqu
    • Design Team: S. Qadirzadeh
    • Date: 04-06.2015
    Khurvin situates at the rural near Karaj and Qazvin highway in Alborz province. Located at the south skirt of Alborz, it is a village with land with elevation around ~2000 meters. The regional traditional architecture is under the influence of constructions in the northern region of Iran. Massive Masonry (stone, wood), peripheral corridors and inclined roofs because of the rain and snowfalls during the winter. Region’s vernacular constructions shows rich open spaces with publicly visible circulation connected to the main spaces. Secondary and recreation spaces are places in the second floor with an external access to them. An unbuilt ,20 year old, structure  was already existing in the site of the project at the time of the commission. The client wanted to propose the design over this previous construction because of the municipal procedure and premissions, so the design started to occur over this context. Spatial Conception 1. Spaces are organized on the basis of the existing structure: a grid of 4.5 m X4.5 m 2. A mezzanine (middle floor) as a surface, transforms the actual grid plan, connects two floors to provide access and a gallery which yields into an opportunity for the second floor to have a liberal plan. 3. Second floor  acts as a service space used for bedrooms, a private corner but which can also be re-planed by any program released from the actual construction grid.