• Mosha

    • Mosha collective
    • Date : fall 2014 - 2015
    • The collective acted as a nomad project to occure in different spaces , hosts : university of Tehran, kaf platform, etc.
    Mosha research collective started in fall 2014. It shaped over a collective idea of studying the concept of "Mosha" . Mosha is the term used to address the shared spaces in Traditional construction regime in Iran. The research collective started to focus on the contemporary residential building typology in Tehran : apartments. Mosha Project later became part of a broader group of projects in the Framing the Common initiative . Framing the common took place over Tehran, Bogota, Kuala lumpur and Mumbai. The progress and outcomes of the Framing the common are diffused through this page: Framing The Common Mosha Research collective also documented here  and due to many changes after :  Mosha Project