• Leave me my Tempel.hof

    • Location: Berlin, moabit
    • Date: 2017.06-08
    • Fellowship, Residency space sponsor : ZK/U
    • This project shaped and became possible thanks to many individuals; Philip Horst, Matthias Einhoff, Harry Sachs, Alireza Labeshka, Sadra Keyhani, Lotta Schäfer, Yoana Buzova, Amy wu, Lamis Adel, Nathalie, Lore Smolders, Haeyoung, Lars Zimmerman, Parisa Hakiminia, Navid Samavati, Sina Shah hoseini, Gustavo Sanromán, Kathrin Wildner and All the Residents at ZK/U between July and August 2017.
    The work introduces an architectural proposition to tempelize a movable pigeon-house in which the droppings could be used as a natural fertiliser for community shared gardens. Deconstruction and elemental reconstruction of an archaic temple explores stories that surrounds field of Tempelhof. The beloved Berlin airlift terrain in-dipole to the Volkshalle, also the state forces’ parade field that its suspended condition now, drains investors around and the skate kite surfers inside. The void produces a lot of wind.