• Lavasan Residence

    • Location: Lavasan | Tehran
    • Area: 1462 sq m | Footprint: 310 sq m
    • Client: private
    • Architect : mbnqu
    • Date: 03-04.2014
    A secondary residence located 14 km from Tehran, in Lavasan a mountainous village, it is  composed of two independent units equipped with an open space pool and a gym. High terrain slope provided an opportunity to stack the spaces opening toward the south and to the Latian lake with breathtaking views on terraces, A longitudinal axial stair makes access to the units in different levels and an independently settled area acts as an open space that can be used also as a parking. A monolith house, emerged out of the hill top, re-value a sense of stability while pronouncing differentiated levels. The platforms are rigorously combined with the terrain. The residence has sit in the landscape while exhibited at the top part with an archetypal figure of  inclined roof of a "house".