• CmyUnkno

    • Location: Sam Center | Tehran | Ir
    • Area: 15 sq m
    • Exhibition: TADAEX Festival 2014
    • Type: Installation
    • project in partnership with: A. Qadyani (director) , B. Andalib
    • Execution: Sept. 2014
    CmyUnkno ( circle of my unknown ) was an installation presented at the Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition, it was funded by the exhibition’s main grant: Tadagrant. Sam centre is one of the niche brand shopping centres in North of Tehran. The center as a sponsor to Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition hosted the work to be presented at its main enterance lobby. Facing towards the entrance the installation is composed of 20 curling cylinders(the curtains) which shape up a rotating screen made from textile. A video of the street next to the center is projected onto the screen (cylinders). This image is distorted with the movement of the people in the white field in front of the screen. Position of people approaching the screen are captured with a camera above the field which rotates the columns and get them tight according to their distance of the observer. Beneath the screen there is mirror towards the entrance. The work questions the self and its relation to itself. It is a curtain that changes, in an urban field it uses real-time projection of the context videos to superpose with the peoples experience of interaction.