• Aseman Center

    *Shortlisted competition proposal
    • Location : Qom | Ir
    • Area: 5000 sq m | Foot print: 1500 sq m / Total built area: 2500 sq m
    • Client: Aseman foundation (Competition)
    • Design team: M. Niqui, F. Salari, S. Saghafi, M. Khatami
    • Date: 11.2013-03.2014
    Qom as a central religious city located next to the desert. Through this competition a search for a new home to Aseman foundation (a broadcasting agency) was requested, a religious superior school attached to the functional studios, a blured mix-use of a headquarter and an educational center. The plan shaped during juxtaposition of two spaces based on the typical introverted plan of a traditional ancient schools from the Islamic era, as public buildings. it was unfolded into two surrounded courtyards with a change in the level , a rupture in the secion.  This created main backbone of the organization of the plan, it means a designed non-vegetated court yard and a roofed Shabestan surrounded by arcades genealogically borrowed from the architecture of traditional schools. Two yards in two levels are connected with a monumental stair area as a podium, a gradient ground. It made the opportunity to place the amphitheater bellow the upper court yard.